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Watch a supercut of famous film characters counting down from 100

Watch a supercut of famous film characters counting down from 100


This seems like more trouble than it was worth, but okay

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What’s your favorite thing about watching a film? Is it when one of the characters says a number (no years!)? If so, I have the labor-intensive and otherwise illogical supercut for you. “100 Movies 100 Numbers 100 Seconds” is exactly what it says, and the editor (username ThorC1138), explains “I’ve always wanted to do one of these.”

This comment refers to the fact that this style of supercut isn’t exactly original. 10 years ago, a YouTuber with the username AlonzoMosleyFBI made a parody of AFI’s best 100 films list, setting out to mock the arbitrariness of the list’s choices by cutting together 100 scenes from 100 films, picking out only quotes with numbers and assembling them in descending order. This supercut includes different films than today’s video, so if you’re really into hearing famous people say numbers — for example Geena Davis saying “61” in Thelma & Louise or Gene Wilder saying “54” in Young Frankenstein — that’s good news for you. 200 numbers.

I’m not totally sure what anyone gets out of making these, but the genre of technically impressive and time-intensive supercut is only getting more and more popular. The bragging rights of knowing enough screenplays intimately enough to pull these numbers out is pretty much the only reward, calling to mind the recent surge of “technical memes,” the practice of using complicated or tedious video and sound editing to go way out of the way for an okay joke. The Verge’s Lizzie Plaugic described them in January as “the Ikea furniture of internet culture... A technical meme gets its charm not from aesthetic pleasure, but a workmanlike commitment to an arbitrary premise.”

The same could be said about supercutonline’s “Countdown - The Supercut,” a supercut of famous actors in famous films, counting down from 50.

Happy Memorial Day, and please enjoy 250 very short clips of very famous people saying numbers and nothing else.