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Pogo’s latest remix makes a sticky-sweet summer jam out of Despicable Me

Pogo’s latest remix makes a sticky-sweet summer jam out of Despicable Me


He’s still goin’

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Australian electronic musician Pogo is best known for remixing classics of pop culture (particularly Disney films) into unexpected, often unsettling slow jams. His work is made up almost entirely of very short, pitch-shifted samples from films like Alice in Wonderland, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Robin Hood (not the Russell Crowe version), as well as old Pokémon and SpongeBog Squarepants cartoons, TV shows like Star Trek: The Next Generation, iCarly, and Dexter, news broadcasts, and commercials.

His latest video, “Gruve,” is dangerously close to a pro-Minion short film, and yet, I think it will brighten your day!

It’s so nice. It’s a remix of Universal’s summer 2010 film Despicable Me, the story of a wannabe supervillain named Gru who ends up inadvertently adopting three young girls. The Minions, who we are all aware of, are also involved, but they’re not the key to this remix’s success. The key is voice actress Elsie Fisher, who plays the youngest of the sisters, talking about unicorns over and over. The other keys are a twinkly backing track and Fisher saying, with no context, “sleeping?” What better song for summer than a song that sounds like the feeling of sitting in a yard laced with white Christmas lights, tipsy and thinking about bed? There isn’t one. You’re welcome. Here it is again: