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Watch this dancing Pikachu get dragged mercilessly offstage for deflating mid-performance

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The Pokemon World Festival 2017 in Songdo, South Korea

The Pokémon World Festival 2017 happened this past weekend in Songdo, South Korea, and what’s a proper festival without a choreographed Pikachu dance? Visitors patiently waited in line for a glimpse of the dancing Pikachu parade as well as the opening of a Pokémon pop-up shop, and they were treated to a scene straight out of a Korean gangster mob movie, as shown in the video above.

Around 1:01, the main Pikachu in the center starts deflating, prompting staff members to rush in and drag him away like he was going straight to pokémon jail. In the absolute best timing possible, Pikachu’s head starts melting right as Nikki Blonsky sings, “And you can try to stop my dancing feet” and the organizers were like, “Okay.”

“Deflating Pikachu? Not on my watch.”
GIF: Green Lime / YouTube

The other Pikachu performers dance on, presumably shivering inside their costumes now that they know what becomes of them if they make one wrong move. And then at 4:35, the deflated Pikachu attempts to make a comeback, but it just isn’t meant to be.

GIF: Green Lime / YouTube

You tried, buddy.