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Moodica’s relaxation videos are the next level of slow TV

Moodica’s relaxation videos are the next level of slow TV

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Creators has an interview today with Simone Barsky, the project lead of a new online video platform called Moodica. Moodica is a free library of videos created to relax, de-stress, and calm viewers. If you already feel adequately de-stressed (ha!) and don’t think you need such a platform, the videos are also just pretty nice to look at.

Talking to Creators, Barsky describes the platform as a “mental vacation.” Current offerings include a cat purring on a loop, a pair of hands slowly and precisely crafting a sushi roll, and a ferris wheel spinning lazily in the night sky.

Do you feel calmer?

After spending a solid 15 minutes allowing my vision to blur while staring at Moodica, I realized that the clips reminded me of two other relatively recent phenomena: slow TV and ASMR. Slow TV gave us the 8-hour knitting competition on Netflix and Sigur Ros’ 24-hour live stream of a highway drive. ASMR gave us skin tingles and head orgasms.

Moodica blends the two together: you can watch ocean waves lap up on the shore and listen to it. You can watch an animated helicopter fly around and listen to its propeller whip against the wind.

You can start your mental vacation right now, and you don’t even need to take off work.