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Lorde confirms rumor she ran an anonymous onion ring Instagram account

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Lorde has confirmed what is possibly the biggest rumor of the week, if you’re talking about pop stars from New Zealand: she was the official kingpin of the now-defunct Onion Rings Worldwide, a poorly maintained Instagram account dedicated to onion ring reviews. On The Tonight Show last night, Lorde told Jimmy Fallon, “Ugh god, it’s me, it’s me.”

“Here’s the thing,” she says. “I sort of naively didn’t realize that it would be a thing that I was going to a bunch of different places and trying the onion rings at these places.”

Of course it would be a thing, Lorde! It was a thing that your name isn’t actually Lorde! Internet fandom isn’t swayed by poor lighting and infrequent updates. It doesn’t care if your fried onion hobby was never meant for public consumption. Did you think anyone who discovered that you ran the account would just nod solemnly and continue their drive to the dry cleaners? Fat chance!

“I know that it reads as something a pop star would do to try and look relatable, but it wasn’t,” Lorde says. It was just a “good pastime,” and now it’s dead.

That’s one celeb internet mystery solved. Next up: Adele’s secret Twitter account.