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Who is this $150 Simplehuman Cars-themed garbage can for?

Who is this $150 Simplehuman Cars-themed garbage can for?

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Image: Pixar

A garbage can is a simple thing. Its only utility is as a place to store your garbage for a period of time before you move your garbage somewhere else. All a garbage can needs is depth, four sides, and, ideally, a lid. For most people, this is enough.

But maybe you are not most people. Maybe you are someone who prefers an elevated garbage can, like this $150 Cars 3-themed one from Simplehuman. The “Lightning McQueen Special Edition” steel garbage can holds 45 liters of things you would like to put in a landfill. It features an “innovative liner pocket,” which is basically a fancy garbage bag dispenser, which will also need custom garbage bags ($73 for 240).

Image: Simplehuman

What does purchasing a $150 Cars 3-themed garbage can say about you? Although this garbage can is essentially merch for a children’s movie, it’s not exactly fun. It looks like the kind of thing an interior designer might purchase if instructed to make a toddler’s bedroom look “sophisticated.”

There is also a 10-liter Jackson Storm Special Edition garbage can available for $50. It’s “perfect for an office,” according to Simplehuman, assuming you are an 11-year-old businessman.

If you would like to purchase either of these garbage cans, congrats on belonging to a very specific demographic. I hope your trash appreciates it.