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Twitter’s new ad is a hellscape full of sweaty, shouting people

Telling it like it is

Honesty is 100 percent the best policy, especially when it comes to selling your underperforming social network to the general public. Which is why Twitter’s new ad is so damn good. It’s part of the company’s new #SeeEverySide marketing campaign and is supposed to show ”how large, real time and vibrant topics of conversation unfold on Twitter” — in this case, in reaction to a heatwave.

What the ad really shows, though, is a bunch of strangers a) fighting online, b) misinterpreting news, and c) quote-tweeting each other passive-aggressively. Oh, and there’s some dude in a sweater vest who responds to climate change news with the immortal line “not all glaciers.” (Okay, the actual tweet shown on-screen says “Not all glaciers are melting,” but as mentioned above, Twitter knows what it’s doing.)

So, yeah, that’s one hell of an accurate ad. And the other new spot is just the same. Why? Because it shows that one of the best things about Twitter is Shaq.