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The award for best live tweet of the Comey hearing goes to Spencer Pratt

The award for best live tweet of the Comey hearing goes to Spencer Pratt

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I’m perfectly aware that everyone in the world has tuned in to watch former FBI director James Comey testify in front of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and that many of those people are tweeting about it. I am also aware that it is an important event and that I’ll have to read some considered analysis of it at some point as part of my responsibility as a citizen.

But here’s another thing I’m aware of: almost everyone is tweeting boring jokes, bad political commentary, or, for whatever reason, hastily made graphics with quotes from the testimony. Yeah, we’re all watching it right now! We heard him!

The only person tweeting anything that is helping me mildly enjoy this legal marathon — and the unpleasantness of looking at a nine-foot-tall projection of various US senators on the wall of a Brooklyn coffee shop — is former villain of MTV’s The Hills, Spencer Pratt. He is, in general, very good at tweeting, and today he is following his standard formula: twisting a major news event to be in some way about his personal reality TV career, which ended seven years ago, then getting bored and deciding it’s time for a burrito.

When reached for comment via Twitter DM and asked why he chose to live tweet the hearing, Pratt said “I love reality shows.”

Here are my favorite tweets:

I am also bored, and I want lunch. Spencer Pratt: voice of a generation.

Update June 8th, 12:23 PM ET: Updated to include comment from Pratt.