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Katy Perry is livestreaming her entire weekend to promote her new album

Katy Perry is livestreaming her entire weekend to promote her new album


She wants to be “reborn”

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Right now, Katy Perry is sleeping. I know this because I’m currently watching Katy Perry sleep, thanks to a livestream set up in her bedroom. The live stream is a promotional stunt for her new album Witness, which came out today. As ET reports, Perry plans on spending this weekend inside a house with some fans and friends, where a camera crew will follow her around and stream the footage to YouTube.

The YouTube stream features five different camera views: one of Katy Perry inside the house, one of a man painting a mural outside the house, one featuring footage from last night’s performance, and one of a girl setting up an elaborate chain of dominos (I can’t explain that one). The last view is all four cameras at once.

Katy Perry live, but not like a concert

Katy Perry has been promoting Witness aggressively, even as the album’s singles have failed to resonate with audiences. She appeared on Saturday Night Live, she landed a profile in Vogue, and she dropped several promo videos on Instagram. She tried to turn her single “Bon Appetit” — which never even cracked Billboard’s Top 40 — into a meme called the “Bon Appetit Challenge.” Even her Met Gala gown doubled as an album advertisement.

And it looks like Perry’s got at least another weekend full of promo ahead of her — she should take her sleep where she can get it.

Last night during an intimate performance in the house, Katy Perry reportedly said, "I feel like I was born on the internet. I'm gonna have a rebirth on the internet." So basically what she’s saying is, “Are you ready to watch a live rebirth?”

Answer the question by watching the live stream on YouTube above, or by ignoring it entirely.