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The Instant Pot cooker with a huge cult following is deeply discounted for Prime Day

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Last year’s top seller is back for more

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A pressure cooker isn’t necessarily something that you’d expect to have a rabid fan base of supporters, and yet, somehow, that’s exactly what’s happened with the Instant Pot. If you’re not familiar, the Instant Pot is a multifunction electric pressure cooker that’s been slowly taking the internet by storm for its sheer usefulness as a kitchen tool.

If you’ve ever used a pressure cooker, the Instant Pot should be familiar. Instead of requiring the somewhat dangerous and fiddly adjustments of valves and stovetop heat to cook food under pressure, the Instant Pot takes things into the electronic age by managing all of that for you. It makes it super easy to make pulled meat, short ribs, yogurt, soups, stocks, rice, vegetables, stew, and more.

Don’t want to take our word for it? Sonia Chopra, Eater’s managing editor and a person who knows way more about food than me, is a fan.

“I grew up around pressure cookers and I was terrified of them — the hiss, the steam, the way my mom would tell me to “watch” ours as though it could go rogue and run off,” she says. “So I never really got used to cooking Indian food at home on my own until I got an Instant Pot, which can pressure cook with the best of them and do a million other things as well.”

As NPR wrote earlier this year, company does barely any marketing, relying instead on positive word of mouth from happy customers. And looking around the internet, there are weirdly tons of them: the Amazon page boasts almost 20,000 reviews, and there are websites and BuzzFeed listicles devoted to Instant Pot recipes and techniques.

Fortunately, today is also Amazon’s Prime Day, which means that the Instant Pot is on sale. If you’re looking to see what all the hype is all about, the larger 8-quart model has its price cut to $89.99 off the usual $129.99 price tag. For other great Prime Day deals going on today, check out our master list.