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This collection of Game of Thrones’ most beautiful (and gory) shots is surprisingly pleasant

This collection of Game of Thrones’ most beautiful (and gory) shots is surprisingly pleasant


Can someone do this for each episode?

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Yes, I know, you don’t need any more help getting excited for the Game of Thrones premiere this weekend. You’re good! You’re all set! Well, sorry, because this video is nice, and I think you’ll enjoy it. YouTube’s The Solomon Society has put together a five-minute montage of the most beautiful shots from the first six seasons of Game of Thrones. Watch it if you’ve read more than enough recaps and predictions and essays and think pieces and just want to remember how stunning the show’s cinematography and effects are.

yes, we’re all excited, this video might help you relax

Though Game of Thrones isn’t eligible for Emmys this year, it regularly cleans up in all the major technical and artistic categories, with recent wins for art direction, costuming, makeup, prosthetics, and visual effects. Season 6’s “The Battle of the Bastards” was also the big winner at last year’s American Society of Cinematographers awards.

Being Game of Thrones, the montage has nearly a dozen aerial shots of post-battle dead bodies, a sword dripping with blood, and, of course, a blade coming down on Ned Stark’s neck. There’s also a sharp contrast between the beauty and craft of certain shots (Robb Stark at a banquet at the Twins, Sansa Stark walking into the Godswood in her wedding dress) and the unfortunate knowledge fans have of their context.

There are plenty of glamour shots of Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) and Jon Snow (Kit Harington). Why not! The Night King, who was created using truly nightmarish prosthetic makeup, is also prominently featured.

The most impressive images however, are the wide shots that highlight HBO’s impressive world-building. The network has easily the best VFX team in television, and regularly turns parts of Spain, Croatia, and Ireland into a lush alternate universe. It’s interesting how enjoyable and relaxing Game of Thrones can be when you remove all of the story elements and just look at it as a series of nice paintings featuring beautiful people. Hmm, maybe we should do this every week?

Whoever made this video has a soft spot for our dear departed Margaery Tyrell, the best character in all of Game of Thrones, and gives her the spot just before the final swooping shot of Dany’s dragons and the Ironborn fleet sailing on Westeros. We’ll pick up where this video leaves off on Sunday night. Are you ready?