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The BBC’s 10-hour Planet Earth visual soundscapes are ASMR gold

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This is my work playlist for the next forever

The BBC’s brilliant Planet Earth documentarians have earned widespread acclaim with the quality of their footage capturing nature at its wildest, most vulnerable, and most beautiful. But each episode of Planet Earth is merely a highlight reel of hours and hours of filming, and the creators have come up with an ingenious idea to make use of their excess footage: turning it into 10-hour-long “visual soundscapes” of each of the areas visited in the latest Planet Earth II series. There’s the mountains video above plus one dedicated to the sounds of deserts, another for jungles, and a fourth filled with island sounds.

As a closet ASMR enthusiast, I love each and every one of these. They provide the perfect soothing ambience to keep me relaxed even when having to cover something as enraging as Comcast’s net neutrality posturing. There are plenty of other relaxing audio options on the internet — such as the Unintentional ASMR channel, one of my favorites — but none come with the spectacular and enchanting visuals that the BBC’s Planet Earth crew can provide.