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Jeff Bezos joins Instagram to show off Blue Origin’s New Glenn manufacturing facility

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A big plant for big rockets

Instagram has long been the social network of choice for subtly showing off to your friends. If you’re most people, that means videos of your cool vacation or pictures of your perfect brunch. If you’re billionaire Jeff Bezos, though, your Instagram humblebrags tend to be a little more extravagant.

Case in point: Bezos just joined Instagram today, and he kicked off his account with a flyover preview of Blue Origin’s new rocket factory (complete with Bezos chilling in a lawn chair on the roof).

According to the tag on the post, the plant shown off in the video is set to build the rocket company’s heavy-lift New Glenn launch vehicle, which Bezos showed off earlier this year. The New Glenn is designed to be a reusable rocket, powered by Blue Origin’s BE-4 engine, and it’s intended to deliver orbital payloads (and passengers). First flights are planned for sometime before the end of the decade.