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Sprint mocks Verizon with Twice the Price pop-up shop stunt

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It’s hilarious! Until it potentially gets sued

Last I checked, the date was not April 1st and Sprint’s CEO was not named John Legere, but here we are with Twice the Price, a pop-up store courtesy of Sprint that mocks Verizon’s pricing schemes. The name of the store is pretty self-explanatory, but in case you’re unsure, here’s a video of Sprint parodying retro car salesman-type TV commercials, complete with cheap graphics and a catchy jingle. Sprint calls it a “promo film,” even. Just appreciate this production quality.

As you might notice from the array of diversity in this video, Twice the Price is set up in a predominantly immigrant neighborhood in Queens, New York. (Here’s a map of the exact address.) And while I can chuckle at the attempted humor, what I don’t appreciate is Sprint labeling this location as Flushing, New York when it’s actually Maspeth. I get it, Google Maps identifies the particular address as Flushing, but goddamn if I’m not annoyed that most of central Queens keeps getting lumped as one neighborhood. (Can you guess where I grew up?)

Anyway. Twice the Price is also located next door to an authorized retailer of Verizon, which seems even more mean-spirited considering that, at the end of the day, Sprint’s not actually sticking it to corporate Verizon — the ones in charge of setting service prices — but the little people it’s hoping to serve.

Politics aside, if you are interested in partaking in this deal, for now Sprint is offering up to four lines for $22.50 per month per line, with the fifth line free. That’s only good until September 30th, 2018 where it jumps up to $60 / month for the first line, $40 / month for the second, then $30 / month for the remaining lines. If you’re only getting one line, you may be better off signing up for one year of free service for switching to Sprint, which is currently on offer until July 31st.