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UPS store stops printing from URLs and USB sticks ahead of Def Con hacking convention

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They’ll be printing from attachments only

UPS Store Gexydaf flickr

The UPS store at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas has stopped printing services for hotel guests who offer up a file on a USB or via a link, reports security news site CSO. The extra precaution comes ahead of the Def Con Hacking Convention which is held at the famed casino from July 27th–30th.

“Due to the DEF CON Hacking Convention, we will be accepting email print jobs with attachments only. We will not accept USB prints or any links. We apologize for the inconvenience,” the sign reads.

Thousands of computer hackers head to Las Vegas each year for Def Con and Black Hat, which are back-to-back information security conventions. Attendees are often warned to take extra precaution over their online security. These can be little steps such as not sending passwords over Wi-Fi or using ATMs, due to a surge in digital mischief-making.

The sign at UPS in Caesar’s Palace.
Photo: CSO

It’s not surprising, of course, that a local business is heeding this advice. After all, the convention comes months after countless Gmail users were phished by a believable-looking Google Doc link in a widespread attack.