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Nikon made a trippy music video as a 100th birthday present to itself

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Nikon was founded 100 years ago today in Tokyo, and in honor of that fact the corporation has made itself a Wizard of Oz-inspired music video full of glitter, rainbows, candy-colored blimps, and guys with cameras for heads.

The video is for the song “Oz,” by Japanese rock band Mrs. Green Apple, and they appear in it alongside a “Selected Team of Nikon Employees.” The choreography is pretty basic summer camp stuff, and these dancers have the glazed, giddy expressions of people having a great time while simultaneously being nervous beyond all reason. I believe that they’re real Nikon employees without professional dance experience, is what I’m saying.

“Oz” is a fun video, as far as birthday presents made by a brand and for a brand go! I mean, just look at these lil’ jumpy guys:

The members of Mrs. Green Apple are professionals, and they lead a few of the dance routines. According to Nikon’s 100th anniversary website, “This is a must-see dance collaboration you won’t find anywhere else!”

Well... it’s hard to refute.