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One Video: Gone by MattyBRaps

One Video: Gone by MattyBRaps


Will someone teach us how to dance?

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Every week, a slew of new music videos hits the web. Watching them at your desk is not time theft because you deserve it; think of it as a nice reward for surviving another work week. But what if you don’t have time to watch every video — maybe you have a deadline, a hungry pet, or other grown-up concerns. In consideration of your schedule, Lizzie and Kaitlyn bring you a series called One Video. Each week we’ll tell you “one video” you need to watch, why, and for how long.

This week’s video: “Gone” by MattyBRaps

Lizzie: This MattyBRaps video actually came out last Friday, which technically might’ve excluded it from this week’s competition, but no one is in charge of this column’s rules except for us. Somehow “Gone” didn’t hit our radar last week, despite several tweets from MattyB about it. But we’re correcting the error now. The premise of the video is simple: MattyB is going over his bucket list one morning when he realizes he still hasn’t learned how to dance.

Kaitlyn: This is a great premise for a music video, as it’s relatable. Who has made time to learn to dance, if we’re being honest? I know some people do it professionally, but I think we can agree that’s not most. Most are just doing the best they can with what they’ve got, which isn’t much. Most are like me, just wondering if Alissa Nutting’s advice to pour Red Bull into hot coffee is a good idea or the first line in an obituary.

While Macklemore let a 9-year-old drive his car, Father John Misty turned into a clay doll, and Lorde, my personal favorite girl in the world, released an exquisite tribute to getting drunk under waterfalls, making out with light bulbs, and setting your arms on fire, MattyBRaps edged them all out for this week’s coveted One Video slot with a fantasy that is slightly more attainable. This is the point in every summer where we all have to come to terms with what is possible and shake off whatever is just dehydration-induced delusion. Please get real.

Who is MattyBRaps?

Lizzie: MattyBRaps is a 14-year-old singer, rapper, and author of the memoir, That’s A Rap, about the life and times of MattyB. As he notes in the book’s opening paragraph, his full legal name is Matthew Be Who You Want To Be David Morris Raps, or possibly Matthew Be Who You Want To Be Raps David Morris.

Kaitlyn: Matthew Be Who You Want To Be Raps David Morris, or “MBWYWTBRDM” for short, was born in 2003. (I’m serious! Please kill me!) He became famous a few years ago for his YouTube covers of Justin Bieber songs. His singing voice is early-Bieber-reminiscent for sure, though I’m not sold on the rapping part yet, sorry MBWYWTBRDM. There’s plenty of time to figure that out, and it’s not like I know how to do it either.

I think what One Video readers most need to know about him is that he has several other music videos, and each of them is the exact aesthetic of an Aaron Carter joint circa 2001. That’s nice for me and for Lizzie, two girls whose brains are on a loop. In an April video, “Spend It All On You,” MattyBRaps woos a girl who’s annoyed with him by taking her to a consignment shop and offering to buy her lots of different pieces of jewelry that look like they probably have monsters living inside them. That doesn’t work, so he buys her a car.

I mean, I would do anything for love, if I were rich.

What’s special about “Gone” by MattyBRaps:

Lizzie: What’s special about “Gone” is the dedication to the agreed-upon narrative, even when it doesn’t make much sense. MattyB’s dance instructor (played by Ashlund Jade), is apparently a stranger at the beginning of the video, but she quickly gets very invested in Matt’s dancing studies. One day, while Matty is just trying to play basketball alone next to an abandoned warehouse, the dance instructor brings out her boombox and cassette tape, and forces him to catch her while she twirls and dips.

She falls once, but the second time she doesn’t fall. It’s proof enough that Matty can now dance.

Kaitlyn: It’s inspirational, is what it is.

This is now the official theme song of One Video, and here is the lyric tattoo Lizzie and I will be getting:

“Stack it up and never come down

At the top and still, we ain’t even peaked yet

Grinding hard so you know we’re gonna reach it”

This video is special because it’s a good reminder to set goals, write them down, find a cutie to help you achieve them, cross them off, achieve more, never stop grindin’, live, laugh, love, and break the rules. I’m 10 years older than this boy and have nothing to show for it. I need to grind 48/7 to catch up. Lizzie is a little bit older, but I don’t have time to do her math for her.

How long everyone should watch “Gone” by MattyBRaps:

Lizzie: The whole thing, because there is a complex, multi-tiered plot in this video. If you jump in in the middle, you’ll be as confused as Matty is here, when his only job is to not let go of a human:

Kaitlyn: Sorry, I stopped after the dance sequence from 2:29 to 2:43 so that I could get back to my grind!