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This gorgeous pocket-sized greenhouse is also an air purifier

This gorgeous pocket-sized greenhouse is also an air purifier


For stress relief and well-being

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If you’ve always wanted a little plant for your desk, you can now back a gorgeous pocket-sized greenhouse on Kickstarter that also doubles as an air purifier. Called Livesglass, the glass planter was designed by Jonathan Che, founder of CHE Design in Sydney. It can house little succulent plants or moss.

The Livesglass works by watering plants through a drip irrigation system which slowly filters water through a pressure-sensitive valve via a little tank on the top. The water tank lasts up to a week when full. The design is inspired by an hourglass and is made for users who want a low-maintenance way of keeping plants on a desk or anywhere else indoors.

“Livesglass is inspired by nature,” Che writes on Kickstarter. “Working in a stressful environment myself, the initial idea is to introduce greenery to the modern workplace or home for stress relief and well-being.”

The basic Livesglass kit starts at AUD$58 ($46), and includes worldwide shipping. They’re estimated to ship in December. Livesglass appears to be the first crowdfunding project from CHE Design, so standard risks apply.