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My computer instantly killed this tab-decluttering Tamagotchi Chrome extension

My computer instantly killed this tab-decluttering Tamagotchi Chrome extension

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Tabagotchi is like a Tamagotchi, one that lives as an adorable pixelated avatar in Google Chrome through an extension designed to help you cut down on how many tabs you have open (via Gizmodo). It took me less than five seconds to kill it.

Designed by Breather (a company that provides meeting rooms on demand, which doesn’t feel super related to this, but whatever), Tabagotchi is pretty simple: each time you open a new tab, you get greeted by your virtual pet friend, who will slowly die in front of you with each new tab you open.

I tried to test out Tabagotchi, but upon installing it, my Chrome setup instantly killed the little pet thing. (Apparently had 65 tabs open.) My other Chrome instance had similar results, but eventually, I was able to lie to my Tabagotchi by creating a blank user profile on Chrome with no tabs to see how it actually works.

Each new tab you open cuts off four hit points from your Tabagotchi’s health bar, so if you’ve got more than 25 tabs open, it’ll die. Conversely, keeping less than five tabs open for an hour straight earns your Tabagotchi a bar of energy. Accrue 10 energy bars, and your Tabagotchi will evolve into a presumably cooler-looking Tabagotchi, something that I can’t confirm because I refuse to spend 10 hours with only five tabs open.

If you’re a more nurturing soul than I am and are also looking to clear out some tabs, Tabagotchi might be the solution you’ve been looking for.