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Here’s Elon Musk’s SpaceX blooper reel

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It’s just a scratch

“Technically it did land... but not in one piece.” Elon Musk has posted a long-awaited blooper reel of SpaceX’s failed orbital rocket booster which features plenty of explosions and fire. The tongue-in-cheek video is set to Sousa’s Liberty Bell (more popularly known as the Monty Python theme song) and shows a range of rockets falling over, crashing, and exploding throughout the past few years. One sequence shows a burnt out rocket with the caption, “it’s just a scratch.”

The video is captioned with reasons for each failed episode, which includes running out of hydraulic fluid, running out of liquid oxygen, a sticky throttle valve, and engine sensor failure among them. If you’re into explosions and space, it’s a really great video which shows just how much work and effort is put into developing rockets, only to have them explode into a fiery mess.

Every SpaceX rocket landing attempt

Watch every SpaceX rocket landing attempt in 100 seconds.

Posted by The Verge on Monday, May 1, 2017

Meanwhile, SpaceX has been successfully landing its Falcon 9 rockets for more than a year, but getting there involved many explosions, and some of those are pretty spectacular.