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Chinese vendors are already marketing face masks as iPhone X security tools

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Face ID can’t get me now!

Taobao site listing with Google Translate on.

Chinese vendors on online marketplace Taobao never resist a chance to peddle their goods. Just days after Apple announced the iPhone X that replaced the home button’s Touch ID for Face ID, Chinese merchants have launched “protective masks” in response to the news.

If you’re worried that someone will unlock your phone while you’re sleeping (which is probably unlikely, given that Face ID has been designed to not work when your eyes are closed), there are a number of masks you can order straight to your house for $5 to $15. Do you want one or three exposed holes on your mask, or none at all? Or is black too plain and you’d prefer green?

Credit: Shanghaiist

Or maybe you’d prefer a more luxe eye mask that still protects you from Face ID? The listing gives you plenty of stock image examples of when you can use this mask — at the office while you’re dozing off or next to a suspiciously close fellow passenger on a plane. The options are really limitless!

These products are obviously just clever SEO plays by vendors, but if you’re that suspicious of jealous partners or sneaky siblings trying to get into your iPhone, maybe just don’t enable Face ID, and use plain ol’ passcode.