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Rex Tillerson’s staff printed Donald Trump’s tweets out so he can read them

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Tillerson doesn’t use Twitter

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has revealed he asks his staff to print out Donald Trump’s tweets so he can read them, according to several reports. Tillerson made the comments at a Stanford University talk on Wednesday, saying that by the time his staff hand him the printed tweets, early reactions to them have already started to pour in and he’s able to plan what to do next.

He said:

“It might be five minutes, or it might be an hour before somebody hands me a piece of paper and says, ‘Hey, the president’s tweeted this out.’ It allows me to now think about … is it a foreign policy issue? What is it he’s tweeting about, and how do we take that and now use it?”

Tillerson doesn’t have Twitter, but said that it’s a “great tool when it’s used well.” He also said his boss uses it to “great effect,” which is something many may or may not agree with. It’s not the first time a White House staffer has printed out tweets; former Trump secretary Sean Spicer brought along a printed tweet to talk to the press about “misreporting” issues surrounding Trump’s executive action to restructure the National Security Council.