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I can’t stop looking at this wonderfully bad Google Photos panorama stitch

I can’t stop looking at this wonderfully bad Google Photos panorama stitch

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Reddit / MalletsDarker

Most times, technology fails and we get frustrated. Sometimes, technology fails in a spectacularly adorable way. Such is the case with this Google Photos panorama image that the software automatically stitched together for Reddit user MalletsDarker, which placed a photo of his friend majestically behind two different photos of snow and trees.

Screaming Cowboy, but colder

MalletsDarker shared the source images that Google Photos had combined together as a panorama, a feature that the software will automatically offer to you if it notices the images were taken near one another. He took three pictures: one with two friends, one of the snowy landscape, and one of the trees in a distance. In the photo of his friend, Google Photos managed to wipe out one person in the shot, artfully cropping her from the helmet down and replacing her with more trees and snow. The end result is reminiscent of Screaming Cowboy, Canadian edition.

By all technical accounts, this is a Very Bad Generated image given that the software completely missed in the proportion and object recognition departments, but the final product is still unintentionally wonderful. I say this while looking over to my Google Photos app, which just offered me a Year In Review video full of selfies where I am mostly cropped out of the frame.

Google Photos auto-panorama doesn’t always work out this fantastically. As other Redditors have shared in the original thread, results could always turn out more nightmarish than awe-inspiring.