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This video shows what Super Mario looks like at 380,000 frames per second

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My eyes

If you have plenty of time on your hands, and are perhaps looking for something long to watch, this might be for you. A new YouTube video by The Slow Mo Guys explains how a TV works in slow motion. It features a sequence that shows what Super Mario Bros. looks like at 380,000 frames per second (FPS), as first spotted by Motherboard. The sequence was filmed in slow motion and shows the scanline creating the image line by line, left to right. It is painstakingly slow, and you can see Mario’s mustache being formed if you watch close enough. For comparison, game developers say 30 fps is a general baseline for games.

The video notes that it takes an extremely fast camera to see each frame built line by line from top to bottom, but “it takes an even faster camera to see that each line is drawn from left to right.” The video was created with the Phantom Flex and Phantom V2511 shooting between 1,600 and 380,000 fps.

The Mario action starts at about the two-minute mark.

Video: YouTube/The Slow Mo Guys