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Please do not try to bring your ‘emotional support peacock’ onto a plane

Please do not try to bring your ‘emotional support peacock’ onto a plane

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Photo by Luke Walker/Getty Images

There are three simple things to remember before you get to the airport for your flight: don’t forget your ID, don’t try to bring any weapons on the plane, and don’t buy a ticket for your pet peacock.

Yes, a woman at Newark International Airport tried to board a United flight to Los Angeles with her “emotional support peacock,” a phrase that had never been uttered in all of recorded history until yesterday. A travel show called The Jet Set posted photos of the incident on its Facebook page, which immediately went viral — you know, since someone was trying to let a peacock fly in an economy seat.

Speaking to The Washington Post, a United spokesperson said the woman was told three times before she arrived at the airport that the peacock would not be allowed to fly in the cabin, because it “did not meet guidelines for a number of reasons, including its weight and size.”

Delta just tightened its rules around bringing emotional support animals on flights, and after this incident, I’m guessing United isn’t far behind.