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Watch this time-lapse of an illustrator drawing all 802 Pokémon

Watch this time-lapse of an illustrator drawing all 802 Pokémon


Gotta find them all?

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If you’re a millennial, you probably grew up trying to catch ‘em all, but now one illustrator has drawn them all, as spotted by Kotaku. Christopher Cayco has uploaded a 96-minute time-lapse video that shows him outlining each of the 802-plus monsters before painstakingly coloring them in.

It took Cayco a total of 350 hours over 42 days to draw each of the 802 monsters and their variants. The variations include 24 different Pikachus, gender variations for some species of the monsters, Aloha variations, among others. Cayco has also included miscellaneous items like mega stones, gym badges, as well as glitch pokémon.

The result is a glorious work of art that’s chaotic and nerdy and wonderful. It also reminds me of Where’s Waldo (or Where’s Wally for Australian and British readers), but one where you can spend hours trying to spot a particular species of pokémon instead of Waldo.

If you want a physical copy, Cayco is selling them online for $30. It’s not the first time Cayco has drawn something like this: in 2015, he drew (at the time) all 721 pokémon in 21 days and 132 hours. One hundred points if you can spot the Surfing Pikachu in the final image:

Image: via ccayco