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You can dress up as Half-Life’s Gordon Freeman in FFXV on PC

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Final Fantasy XV

The much-anticipated Windows version of Final Fantasy XV is launching on March 3rd, and when the game does finally hit the platform, it will include a Gordon Freeman-shaped bonus. Today, Square Enix revealed that anyone who purchases the game on Steam, from now until May 1st, will get an in-game costume so that you can dress up lead character Noctis as the bespectacled star of the Half-Life series. The getup includes Freeman’s iconic orange HEV suit and glasses, and, naturally, a crowbar as a weapon. The outfit will also be available in FFXV’s “Comrades” multiplayer expansion.

Final Fantasy XV

Seeing Noctis in Gordon Freeman cosplay is jarring, but it’s also one of an ever-growing list of FFXV crossovers. You can already drive the game’s iconic luxury car, the Regalia, in Forza Horizon 3, and there was a limited time in-game event where Noctis was an assassin from Assassin’s Creed. Despite launching back in 2016, the game has steadily grown with expansions, updates, and spinoffs. Most recently, Square Enix released a slimmed-down mobile version of FFXV for those who are new to the series. As for the Windows edition, it will include some nice features when it launches next month, including support for native 4K and 8K resolutions, a first-person mode, and an expanded map, complete with a boat to drive around.