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ARKit could bring your nightmares into your living room

ARKit could bring your nightmares into your living room

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Abhishek Singh

I’ve never seen The Ring because I’m a huge baby, but I’ve now watched a terrifying augmented reality demo of its main villain Samara coming out of the TV screen, just like in the movie. A developer named Abhishek Singh, who has created lots of AR experiences, tweeted his idea of The Ring in AR.

Samara not only comes out of the screen, but she follows the user around the room and shows up in hallways. It’s terrifying, especially for a baby like me. Another developer, Mike Woods, created a Ring experience with ARKit earlier this year, but it isn’t as scary as Singh’s.

I liked AR better when I only thought about it being used to place puppies around me or make my face look great. Now, I’m just thinking about a demon chasing me down my hallway and I’m not loving that reality, to be honest!