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The Verge Playlist: Damn, two years since Daniel

The Verge Playlist: Damn, two years since Daniel


Love songs for a boy meme

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As you may have heard, it has been two years since the Snapchat-turned-Twitter video “Damn, Daniel” changed the way we think about viral content, white sneakers, and Weezer.

If you haven’t heard, all you need to know is that two years ago, two boys became very famous for a short period of time — a period of time with ups and downs and baffling surprise twists — after one of them filmed the other one wearing a pair of white sneakers. Observing the white sneakers, he shouted, “Damn, Daniel! Back at it again with the white Vans.” It was silly, and it was good.

It was the subject of a Rolling Stone feature story in which Daniel’s longest response to any question was on the subject of learning to drive:

“I have a lot of friends that drive so ... I’m chilling in that sense. Honestly, I kind of want to drive. It would be cool for me but it’s not like I don’t have ... other options. [I’ve tried driving] just a little bit. I’ve always done a good job of it. I also liked to drive [my parents’] boat and I’m pretty good at that. So I’ll be fine.”

I have already written about what this beautiful moment means to me, but this weekend I want you to take a little time to dwell on what it means to you — if anything! Just take out your high school yearbook, your dirtiest pair of old kicks, your favorite after-school snack, and sit there. Listen to some songs we picked out for Daniel. Imagine what sort of person you might have become, had Twitter existed while you were in high school.