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Gordon Ramsay gets his own insulting Alexa skill

Gordon Ramsay gets his own insulting Alexa skill


He will rarely compliment you

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Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has built a career on insulting people for their questionable cooking, and now he has his own Amazon Alexa skill where you can get his feedback on your kitchen talents. By asking, “Alexa, ask Gordon Ramsay what he thinks about my food,” you can recreate the vibe from Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen, and Master Chef where Ramsay brought tears to many home cooks and restaurateurs. You can also say in the command what dish you’ve made, for instance, mac and cheese, fried chicken, or a casserole, but there aren’t personalized comments on specific dishes.

If that sounds a bit too masochistic for your liking, rest assured that Ramsay may sometimes throw a compliment or two in there, and that there are easter eggs for certain holidays. “I’ll review any dish you throw at me.” Ramsay says in the press release. “We all need to lighten up in the kitchen sometimes, don’t we?!” This Alexa skill doesn’t really help you become a better cook, but it might make cooking dinner a little more entertaining.

Ramsay and Amazon recently partnered up for the Super Bowl ad for Alexa, where the voice assistant briefly loses her voice and celebrities like Cardi B and Ramsay attempt to replace her.

The Gordon Ramsay Alexa skill, which is rated mature, was produced with help from Ground Control, the audio company that’s also behind the Biden Briefing Alexa skill, where the former US vice president reads curated news briefings. To add the skill, users just have to say, “Alexa, enable Gordon Ramsay.”