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The easter egg in Android P developer preview looks like an upside down Beats logo

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Google just dropped the developer preview of Android P, the next version of its mobile operating system. Google has traditionally hid an easter egg inside these previews as a hint to what the codename of the OS will be called, and Android P is no exception.

So far, some features on the Android P seem to emulate quite a bit from Apple, such as the bubble-like notifications look borrowed from iOS and notch support for all the newly announced Android devices that have been copying the look iPhone X made mainstream. But most jarring of all is the P easter egg, which straight up looks like an upside down B from the Beats logo.

The easter egg opens up to a red backdrop, which adds to that Beats look. (As some commenters noted, it also looks basically like the Patreon logo.) As you scroll up and down, the colors change and the P gets bigger and smaller in a funhouse-like effect. It’s cartoony and zany — with colors that remind you of... a popsicle.

The red and white combination also looks like a peppermint! There are a lot of sweets that start with P!

So that said, don’t read into the easter egg too deeply. For one, I’m doubtful that Google will name it Popsicle given it already has an Android Lollipop. Plus, Google hid an octopus for Android 8.0’s preview last year and we all know what the O ended up standing for.