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Watch this Russian postal drone smash into a wall on its inaugural flight

Watch this Russian postal drone smash into a wall on its inaugural flight


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Following in the steps of a DC-based security robot that ran into a water fountain is a Russian postal drone that crashed into a building mere seconds after its inaugural liftoff, as reported by Reuters.

The test, which occurred in the Siberian city of Ulan-Ude, was meant to carry a package to a nearby village in order to demonstrate a new way to deliver mail. Video captured by Reuters shows the drone taking off from a launchpad, with the package emblazoned with the Russian Post’s blue-and-white logo. Everything seems initially fine, and then it can be seen tipping sideways. It’s the beginning of a r/nononono moment. It then careens at full speed into a three-story residential brick building. There’s an audible “GAH!” from someone in the audience, and when the camera shows the drone again, it’s absolutely shattered. The video ends on a somber note, with a lone piece of paper blowing by the drone’s remains.

Russia first announced its intentions to start using drones for postal deliveries in 2016. This particular drone was made by Rudron/Expeditor 3M and cost around $20,000. It’s thought that the more than 100 Wi-Fi connections in the area could have been the cause of the crash. It’s possible, but, perhaps like the Knightscope K5 in DC, it simply hated its job so much it decided to go out in a dramatic blaze instead.