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With immense patience, you can make a pinball machine out of Lego

With immense patience, you can make a pinball machine out of Lego


Immense patience and 15,000 Lego bricks, that is

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Lego bricks are a tool of nearly limitless potential — if you’ve got enough pieces and enough patience, you can build almost anything. I know this is true, because of brick builder Bre Burns, who has somehow managed to build an entire, fully functional mechanical pinball table out of Lego (as spotted by TechCrunch).

The table is a marvel of construction to look at, with obstacles, bumpers, and working flippers. Burns’ build is detailed more fully over on The Brothers Brick, and I highly recommend checking out the video and post there for a complete dive into how she put everything together. Burns said that she took roughly 200–300 hours to design and build the massive table.

Burns’ set is impressive not only for being built out of Lego, but being entirely constructed out of authentic Lego pieces and parts, down to the electronics (powered by Lego Mindstorm NXT parts), the rubber bands (borrowed from Lego Technic sets), and even the steel pinball itself (also found in a Mindstorm kit). Burns also proudly boasts that her build is authentic to the pieces — “no gluing, screwing, or fabrication of any kind.”

For reference, the largest official Lego set ever sold is the 7,541 piece Millennium Falcon set released last year, which costs $800. Burns’ creation features more than twice the number of pieces.