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Every question we have about Sony uploading an entire movie to YouTube instead of the trailer

Every question we have about Sony uploading an entire movie to YouTube instead of the trailer


How did this happen?

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Image: Gizmodo

In perhaps the most improbable leak of a movie ever, Sony Pictures seems to have accidentally uploaded the entire, full length movie of Khali the Killer to YouTube early this morning, instead of a new red band trailer announcing the film’s availability on disc and digital that the company theoretically intended to upload, via CBR.

The movie has since been removed, leaving nothing behind but a baffling, broken link to the trailer to the crime film that was originally released back in Germany in November 2017.

But still, we’ve got some questions:

How on earth did this happen?

No, really, how is that even logistically possible?

Who uploaded this trailer? Was it a hapless intern? A marketing team? Social media crew?

Why did any of these people have access to the full cut of a movie that won’t make its theatrical premiere in the United States for another two months?

Was the full cut of the movie just being kept in the same folder as the trailer?

If so, why was the full movie being kept in the same folder?

Are other Sony Picture movies just hanging around the company intranet?

Can someone just upload the new Venom movie to YouTube next?

Did no one think at any point in the process, “Hmmm, this trailer upload sure is taking a long time?”

Who is this guy in the screenshot, and why does he look like Tulio from the animated classic The Road to El Dorado made flesh?

Why did the title of the trailer advertise that Khali the Killer is “Now on DVD and Digital” when the IMDB page claims it’s hitting theaters in August?

Was this a conspiracy to sabotage Khali the Killer before it hits theaters?

Is Khali the Killer even getting a theatrical release in August?

Why was it only released in Germany, on DVD and Blu-ray, months before its US theatrical release?

Is Khali the Killer actually even releasing in any format in the United States at all?

Why hasn’t Sony re-uploaded the proper trailer now that the mistake has been brought to light?

Why isn’t there any other Khali the Killer content on Sony Pictures’ YouTube page?

What is Khali the Killer?

Is this all just a marketing stunt so that people will actually know that Khali the Killer is a movie that actually exists?

Are we sure Khali the Killer is even a real movie? There’s no Wikipedia page and barely any information about it online!

Is this whole thing an elaborate conspiracy by Sony Pictures to upload an entire feature film no one has heard of to its channel disguised as a trailer, which the dozens of sketchy, trailer-scraping YouTube channels would then rip and upload to their own channels, thereby uploading illegal, pirated content, which Sony Pictures could then use to issue channel-wide take-downs, eliminating the parasitic competition for its own trailers and keeping all that sweet YouTube traffic and ad-revenue to itself for the next big Venom trailer?

Does Sony Pictures just have really, really bad cybersecurity?