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Watch every Smash Bros. character do a Fortnite dance, limbs be damned

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Epic Games’ Fortnite has clearly transformed the gaming industry, but more importantly, it unleashed a wide assortment of dance moves which have become cultural phenomenons themselves. From the backpack kid’s floss dance during Katy Perry’s SNL performance, to Thanos who danced his way into Marvel movie edits, every Fortnite dance is a special treat that’s made all the more enjoyable by the unexpected places they’ve turned up.

The latest example is in the form of a Smash mod created by YouTuber Master0fHyrule, who asks the question no one has dared to inquire: “WHAT IF Every Character Tries To Do THE FORTNITE DEFAULT DANCE in Smash Bros Wii U?”

We’ve seen 3D models rigged to custom animations before, but that was before the concept of gloat-dancing over your slain enemies really became mainstream. These new dances are what’s hot right now, baby! If Nintendo knew any better, it would introduce this dancing villager to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp immediately so I can include him in my camp as a decorative furniture piece.


The base model for these dancing characters was Captain Falcon, which makes sense given that his physique most resembles Fortnite characters more than, say, Kirby. Master0fHyrule said the animations were then imported to every other Smash character.

But Smash Bros. characters are wonderfully diverse. What happens when the character’s limbs just aren’t long enough to fit Captain Falcon’s slender body? In the case of long Pikachu, it’s no problem. There are no limb-itations.


Master0fHyrule says he’ll upload the clips with transparent backgrounds if the video reaches 15,000 likes, which I’ll gladly oblige because that seems like a no-brainer. I’ll also hit that ‘Subscribe’ button if it means we’ll be getting more Smash characters dancing to other Fortnite dances, like the Orange Justice emote.