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The existential loneliness of owning a USB-C phone

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Illustration by Dami Lee / The Verge

“Would you like to charge your phone?”
the Lyft driver asks
Wish I could say yes but it’s too herculean a task

before me, a string of cords splits into three
but none of them contain a USB-C

At the airport, at the party
a gathering at a friend’s house
Lightning fast appears but all else is denounced

“Hey Google, did I upgrade too soon?
am I the making of my own lampoon?

Image: Google

A minor chitchat, not trying to be a brat
but even the robot companion replies, “I can’t answer that”

The existential loneliness of a USB-C phone owner
Nary a pal with the rightful cord
and is dongle life really the future we want to head toward?

Technically standard but not yet the norm
The pace of adoption leaves me forlorn