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This $780 leather-covered wireless charger isn’t meant for you

This $780 leather-covered wireless charger isn’t meant for you


The non-leather version costs just $60

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Image: Berluti

If your phone supports wireless charging, then you might want to buy a wireless charger. It won’t be any quicker, but it’s a nice way of making your bedside table look a little less cluttered with wires. We have a guide right here where we recommend a $30 model from RavPower. It’s great, you should buy it.

What you shouldn’t do is buy Native Union’s latest wireless charger, which it produced in partnership with the French fashion house Berluti. It’s a leather-covered version of the 10W Qi Drop Wireless Charger, but it costs $780 rather than the regular $60. It doesn’t even come with a power adaptor, you just get a (leather-covered) USB-C to USB-A cable.

I’m not here to shame anyone who wants a nice leather finish for their tech accessories. Dan’s search for the perfect leather iPhone X case is well-documented, and a great read, and I have a lot of time for Dieter’s attempts to manually age a new leather case. But there’s a limit, and for me that limit comes at around $50. Sorry.