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tHiS aPp lEtS yOu tYpE liKe tHiS

tHiS aPp lEtS yOu tYpE liKe tHiS


How to get your friends to hate you for $0.99

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[The following Slack log has been lightly edited for content]

Chaim Gartenberg: god i have no idea where to put this but

[Ed. note: The app in question lets iOS users easily type in nearly any text field using the alternating case format, made popular by the “Mocking SpongeBob” meme that made its way around the internet a few months ago.]

Micah Singleton: Promoting this app should be a crime

Russell Brandom: pRoMoTiNg tHiS aPp sHoUlD bE a cRiMe

Chaim: pRoMoTiNg tHiS ApP ShOuLd bE A CrImE

Micah: I fucking knew it

Micah: ughhh this is awful but probably a good hit

Chaim: it installs as an actual iPhone keyboard too!

Chaim: #5 in Social Networking

Chaim: popular app

Micah: This app will let you type like SpongeBob and kill your group chat at the same time

Russell: a new innovative way to make your friends hate you

Sean Hollister: can we please turn this conversation into the post

Sean: I am not kidding

Chaim: would save me some time

Russell: cAn wE pLeAsE tUrN tHiS cOnVeRsAtIoN iNtO tHe pOsT

Chaim: we’re too meta here already

sPoNGeCaSe is available to download now from the App Store for $0.99, although other free alternatives like this web app and the tried-and-true “just don’t be lazy and type it out yourself” method also exist, via The AV Club.