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Donald Trump wants the iPhone home button back

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Not a fan of swipe gestures, it seems

President Donald Trump Departs White House For Shale Conference In Pittsburgh Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

President Donald Trump seems to have recently switched to an iPhone without a home button, and he doesn’t seem to like it very much. So much so that he decided to casually subtweet Apple CEO Tim Cook with a bit of light tech commentary.

We can’t tell if Trump recently upgraded to the iPhone XS, iPhone XR, or one of the iPhone 11 variants. But all the top-of-the-line Apple smartphones since last year have ditched the home button last seen on the iPhone 8 for the edge-to-edge design first introduced with the iPhone X in 2017.

We learned in March 2017 Donald Trump switched from Android to iPhone, but we didn’t know which iPhone he switched to. It definitely had a home button, since the iPhone X wasn’t out at that time.

Perhaps Trump will be first in line for the rumored iPhone SE 2, which will reportedly look like an iPhone 8. That means it’ll have the home button Trump sorely misses.