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Hellvetica is a horrific take on the famous typeface

‘Kern in hell’

Image: Zack Roif / Matthew Woodward

Earlier this year, Monotype lovingly updated its classic Helvetica typeface for the 21st century. The company redrew almost 40,000 of Helvetica’s characters as part of the Helvetica Now revamp in an attempt to make the typeface feel nicer to read and to work better at smaller sizes.

Hellvetica, meanwhile, is a much more anarchic affair. It’s the product of Zack Roif and Matthew Woodward, two New York-based creative directors, and it’s designed specifically to irritate graphic designers around the world. Think of it as a self-aware Comic Sans with kerning that’s somehow much much worse.

If you want to try out Hellvetica for yourself, you can download it over on its official site and experience it in all its uneven, gappy glory.