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My Little Pony invades the world of Magic: The Gathering

My Little Pony invades the world of Magic: The Gathering


New MTG cards to help raise funds for charity

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Magic: The Gathering is getting a little more sparkle this month. Today, Wizards of the Coast revealed a new collaboration for the long-running collectible card game, which will see new cards based on characters from My Little Pony. The cards will be available from October 22nd through November 5th — you’ll be able to pick them up right here — and a percentage of sales will go to the Extra Life children’s charity.

The new My Little Pony-themed MTG gear, which, naturally, has been dubbed Ponies: The Galloping, will be available in two bundles. First, there’s a set of three cards — silver-bordered, double-sided Princess Luna / Nightmare Moon Magic card; silver-bordered Princess Twilight Sparkle Magic card; and a silver-boarded Rarity Magic card — which will cost $50, with $30 going to charity.

You can also pick up a $100 play mat bundle ($80 goes toward charity) which includes three mats (two single-sided, one double-sided). And for those who play digitally, between October 28th and November 2nd, the cards will also be for sale in Magic: The Gathering Arena.

It’s a brief window, and the cards will only be available in the US and Canada, but it goes toward a good cause. And the collaboration does confirm one My Little Pony fact: friendship really is magic.