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These prank stickers look just like AirPods

These prank stickers look just like AirPods


Chaotic evil indeed

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If you’ve experienced the mild horror of losing, or even momentarily thinking you may have lost, an AirPod, then beware these fake AirPod stickers. In a genius prank, Pablo Rochat made these incredibly realistic stickers of AirPods and placed them on sidewalks. They’re even the right size. When stuck to the ground, they look just like actual AirPods — so much so that you might check your pocket (or your ears) to make sure you didn’t drop yours by accident. 

Now, you can pull this prank, too. Rochat has templates of the stickers for both the original AirPods and AirPods Pro available for free downloads on his website. Rogue fake AirPods could soon take over your streets.

Rochat is an art director who has received a lot of press attention for his Instagram presence. He’s worked for Microsoft and Tinder, and his list of selected clients includes, coincidentally, Apple.