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Yes, you can use the new Xbox Series X horizontally

Yes, you can use the new Xbox Series X horizontally


Don’t worry, you won’t have to buy a new TV stand

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The Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s newly revealed next-gen console with a unique, PC-inspired vertical design that has already had many questioning how on earth they’re going to fit it into their TV stand. But don’t worry: according to Xbox head Phil Spencer, Microsoft “designed Xbox Series X to support both vertical and horizontal orientation.”

Based on the orientation of the Xbox button on the Xbox Series X, it’s clear that Microsoft intends for the console to be stood up vertically, much in the same way that the current Xbox One consoles were designed to lay flat.

Microsoft also hasn’t released a picture of what the Xbox Series X will look like in its horizontal orientation, but through advanced imaging technology (i.e., rotating an image 90 degrees) we’ve been able to piece together a rough idea of what that will look like.

Ok, so it’s still gonna take up a whole lot of space inside your TV console. But it’s better than no horizontal mode at all.