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All I want for Christmas is this string light phone charger

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Adorable AND functional

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This genius combination of Christmas string lights and phone charger borders the line between kitschy and adorable, but I first saw it on Apartment Therapy, and I trust their judgment when it comes to cute items. It’s a 50-inch USB cable that comes in a Lightning charger cable version for iPhones, Micro USB for Android phones, and USB-C. And it is freakin’ delightful.

Is it worth buying a $12 charger from a random Amazon store that describes itself as, “Our brand name is: Cewuidy. Our seller’s name is YAGE TALE .”? That’s for you to decide, but for me, it is absolutely worth it. Reviewers say the lights won’t get hot even after being plugged in for 12 hours, and that it’s not absolute garbage because it still works after a year! The lights will also stay on even if the phone’s not plugged in, so you can use it as regular string lights. It should be noted that the iPhone charger isn’t Apple MFi-certified, so it won’t be able to transmit data, and it won’t work with Apple CarPlay. The USB-C version probably isn’t rated for the USB-C PD spec either, but that’s probably to be expected with cheap chargers of this sort.

Christmas magic is here.

I even like the weird off-brand-looking box it comes in, with the improperly capitalized “iphone Charger” written in that mysterious system font that happens when you change text in a different language to English. It reminds me of how actual Christmas lights are packaged, because everyone still has the lights and the original box it came in from when their parents bought them in 1989, right?

So there you have it, the Christmas light phone charger. It’s like killing two birds with one stone, or in this case, two partridges in one pear tree.