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What is this maddening black dot in Sarah Sanders’ Apple Notes statement?

What is this maddening black dot in Sarah Sanders’ Apple Notes statement?


This is sloppy as hell

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White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders issued a statement today on the government funding bill on Twitter, which is pretty standard for the Trump administration. But the statement also happened to include news that the president still plans to declare a national emergency over building a border wall — and it was delivered not on official letterhead, but via a screenshot of the Apple Notes app. Even weirder: it’s got an errant black dot, a sloppy mistake from the iOS 12 screenshot process, it looks like.

If you’re not familiar, the Notes app is usually reserved for celebrity apologies and grocery lists. However, as we have seen from the Press Secretary’s previous tweets, it is also a form of communication this administration has deemed acceptable and normal.

What makes this more unusual is the pen markup. This happens sometimes in iOS 12 when screenshots are taken and an errant tap registers as a pen markup. It can happen accidentally, and it’s fine if, say, you’re sending funny memes to your friend. It’s not fine if you’re the press secretary of the United States and you’re delivering news to citizens about a supposed “humanitarian crisis at the border.”

If you saw this tweet and felt compelled to wipe away your screen, don’t worry: it’s not you, it’s them.