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Honda covered a lawn mower, power generator, and some cars in gold

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A Midas touch

Honda marked its 50th anniversary in Australia today, and to celebrate, the company wrapped some of its most iconic products in gold vinyl, including cars, motorcycles, dirt bikes, a lawn mower, and a power generator. More specifically, it gilded a Civic Type R hot hatchback, the Acura NSX hybrid supercar, a HRU19 Buffalo lawn mower, EU22i generator, CBR1000RR Fireblade motorcycle, CRF450L dual-sport dirt bike, and a CRF50F kids motorbike, for the little ones who enjoy luxury. Unfortunately, these are one-off items made specially for the anniversary, so they won’t be on sale.

“We thought about how we could celebrate our birthday and our unique diversity in a bold and fun way,” Honda Australia CEO Hiroyuki Shimizu explained in a statement. “I mean, who has ever seen a golden mower or generator before?”

He is right about this, and I am glad Honda has brought these imaginings to life, although the vinyl wrappings remind me of when restaurants put gold foil on food that was perfectly fine without it, like chicken wings. I may not want it for myself, but I appreciate that it exists. Although I’d definitely buy that gold lawn mower if it was on sale, so I could flex on the neighbors I don’t have while mowing the lawn that I also don’t have.

Happy 50th anniversary in Australia, Honda.