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Lego takes on Samsung and Huawei with its own foldable

Lego takes on Samsung and Huawei with its own foldable


Unlike Samsung, you can already buy Lego’s now

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Foldable phones dominated tech headlines over the past few weeks, starting with the announcement of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold just 11 short days ago. Riding this wave of the foldables, Lego is now poking fun at the upcoming Galaxy smartphone with a tweet showcasing the “Lego Fold,” — actually the company’s Pop-Up Book set, dressed up in the style of Samsung’s own marketing.

Lego is also quick to point out that its foldable actually beats Samsung’s, with a 5-inch cover that unfolds into an 11-inch storybook screen, compared to Samsung’s 4.6-inch exterior display and 7.3-inch interior. The Lego Fold also has the Galaxy Fold beat on battery life, with Lego offering a nearly unbeatable promise that it “never runs out of battery.”

Aesthetically, Samsung likely has the edge on Lego — while both products feature folding plastic, Samsung’s exterior is made of aluminum, instead of the ABS plastic that Lego is using. Samsung’s Android 9 Pie OS also promises to be far more useful than Lego’s seemingly single-purpose bricks, although users with experience working with Lego’s platform will likely be able to find new and novel ways to reconfigure things to their liking. Also unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Lego’s version costs way less than $2,000 at a comparatively cheap $69.99.

Update March 4th, 4:40pm: Updated post to reflect the fact that the “Lego Fold” is actually a real Lego set called the Pop-Up Book.