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Ikea releases free ‘Soffa Sans’ font made of couches

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‘The world’s comfiest font’

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Ikea has released a free font called Soffa Sans, inspired by all the memes born from its online “Design your own sofa” planner. The tool allows for customers to design the layouts and configurations of Ikea’s couches, from the Vimle sectionals to the Vallentuna modular sofa series. Once it was discovered that the planner allowed for basically any configuration with no limit to the cost, it inspired some Sims-like creativity from users.

Acknowledging the planner’s full potential, Ikea worked with digital agency Proximity London to create the Soffa Sans font. Calling itself the “the world’s comfiest font,” Soffa Sans creates a typeface out of the Vallentuna couch in both isometric and bird’s-eye view versions.

The free font is downloadable here, and is available in white, blue, and gray colors. The Drum notes that Soffa Sans features 1,434 products, and would cost £106,320 (about $134,500) if the font were recreated in real life.