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The person who made this aesthetically pleasing charging station obviously doesn’t have a cat

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A beautiful concept that will remain in my dreams, I guess


Updated 2:22PM ET, July 31st: We heard back from Ani Acopian. She does not own any cats. That explains it!

This door-mounted setup can charge every device at the same time — and it’s one of the most elegant charging stations I’ve laid eyes on.

This setup, built by filmmaker Ani Acopian, provides more than just a tidy home for headphones, camera batteries, a drone and its controller, portable battery packs, and AirPods. This station can charge all of it at the same time, without any stray cables in sight. Each device is connected to the same power source, though it’s hard to tell because the cables are so masterfully hidden behind the mount.

I usually feel pretty good about my cable management habits, but this is some next-level sorcery. Everything on the door-mounted station is arranged according to size and color, and even the smallest details have been considered, like how the large, rechargeable battery packs on the door attach with velcro for fast and easy hot-swapping.

I feel compelled to give this a try, or something like it, but I worry that my cats would probably destroy it. They just can’t appreciate good cable management like this, which is perhaps their only flaw. The Verge has contacted Ani to ask if her tech is in danger from cats, but hasn’t heard back yet. But cats or no cats, this project shows that cable management doesn’t have to be a nightmare.