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The Twitter Emoji Mashup Bot is now available as free iMessage stickers

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grinning-cat + squinting-tongue + thumbs-up

One of Twitter’s best accounts, the Emoji Mashup Bot — which smushes together two or three random emojis to generate a hybrid emoji every hour — has just released a free iMessage sticker pack. Although the bot, created by 18-year-old student Louan Bengmah, has created countless combinations since it was created in July, the iMessage sticker pack is limited to a select choice of 29 very good emoji.

Here’s one for when you’re crying in the club:

One to use when you’re blasting Old Town Road in the car on your way to the Area 51 raid:

One for Pennywise to use when he’s mass-texting all of Derry in It: Chapter Two, in theaters September 6th:

You get it! It’s a perfect concept, and the bot captures all the millennial angst, ennui, and complex emotional nuance of being alive in 2019. And now you can text all these feelings to your friends when words aren’t enough.

The iMessage stickers were created by developer Maxence Guegnolle, and Bengmah’s worked with various developers to approve the stickers on other platforms. Android users can find the stickers on WhatsApp, Gboard, and Telegram.